Wednesday 29 December 2010

I have been doing a little bit of Sewing...

...over the last few months ~ I've made some small projects (little girl cloths), some home dec and a good start on  McCall's 6027 ~ but haven't posted these projects ~ I'll throw in a post on these now and then!

I  just finished my Barcelona white Blouse and  love it.  I also made a pair of PJ bottoms for my sons girlfriend.

Today I'm only posting about the pj's. They were a fun and very quick project.
Megan  was very pleased with her pj's ~ which made me happy!

I used Butterick 4406 and made them with flannel fabric.
The top is a RTW top that matched nicely! and Megan likes purple.

close up of the print

They are being displayed on "Annabelle", my Uniquely You dress form I bought in Oct. 
I absolutely love her :) It was so nice using her when making the Barcelona blouse.

I am now in baby mode..making receiving blankets, burp blankets,  blankies, bibs and also making all these items  in a 
mini version ........for Ella's dolls.

I have to say I am having way too much fun making these ~ especially when Ella helps to pick out the fabric.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday 25 October 2010

White Shirt Project

I am still around...just haven't posted in a very long time.


To get back into sewing I thought I 'd join "The never too many shirts project" that Barbara from "Sewing on the Edge" is starting.
I think this will be a  great project to do and  I have so many shirt patterns that I want to make.

Project button from Barbara


I bought a Uniquely You dress form from Trimmings Dress Maker in Montreal.
I made the cover ~ with some assistance from Claire
I truly appreciated her help. Claire is so generous with her time and so knowledgeable . It was wonderful having her expert advice. Thank You again Claire.
Making the cover to fit me was a really fun project to do and I truly love the results.
I will  post a picture of Annabelle shortly.

Saturday 24 July 2010

Lady and the Tramp

 **** For Ella ****

Lady and the Tramp was  my daughters  favorite movie when she was younger ~ my husband and I  grew pretty fond of it ourselves. Every week end we would take her to the video store and and one of her treats was to  choose any movie to rent......she would look at all the movie boxes and then always chose Lady and the Tramp. So we watched this movie a gazillion billion + times.....and we never ever  tired of watching it with I want to introduce Ella to it.
I hope she likes it too.
 I've been looking for this DVD locally but couldn't find one ~ I just now thought of looking on ebay ~ and of course found one :)


I have been doing "some" sewing.
I made curtains for the dining room and kitchen. The print of the fabric wasn't exactly what I wanted but
it had the colors I wanted.
I will post a picture of the curtains ~  I'm very pleased with them.

I also started the muslin for my Angela dress ~ using McCall's 6027.
I'm still working out some fitting/size issues but overall I am happy with the dress.

Have a wonderful week end!

Thursday 24 June 2010

"Thank You Angela"

Angela from RiAnge Creations has found some of the fabrics I was looking for at her local Jo-Ann's Fabric Store.  Angela kindly offered to buy some and send it to me.  I received my fabrics yesterday ~ I was sooooo pleased .
It still amazes me that people we only know through blogging and have never met would be so kind and do something like this. I can't Thank Angela enough and I truly appreciate what she has done. 
"Thank You" again Angela   :)

The fabric is a light weight sheer and it does look somewhat different from the dress on the McCall's pattern, however I will line it with a white fabric ~ the white really makes the colors brighter.....I love the large floral print ~ I will make this fabric work!
I told Angela, I normally don't name my garments but this dress will be my Angela dress.

                 Picture from McCall's site.
The description on Jo-Ann's site of the other  fabric Angela sent me , says it is a polyester but to me it  feels like a soft cotton. In real life, the colors in this fabric below, are as bright as the colors appear in this picture.
The colors are beautiful and it is a very nice fabric weight for a dress.

Picture from Jo-Ann Fabric Store.
Martinique Collection-Garden Peachskin
I am very anxious to start my garments.

 Thank You Angela!

My son is graduating this year so we are busy with Prom and Graduation activities this week!


Monday 7 June 2010

*** Fabric source Found ***

The fabric I wanted has been found. Thank you so much  Peacock Chic.

She commented that she found and had already bought some of this beautiful fabric at her local  Jo-Ann Store

I can't wait to see what she makes.

The fabric is part of the Martinique Collection.

The on-line store does not have the print  I really wanted ~ however there is this print from the same collection that would be just as beautiful.

Picture from Jo-Ann on line site

Unfortunately there are no Jo-Ann stores in Canada and the on-line store ~ ~ only ships within the United States, its territories and possessions. 

So for those of you who also  liked the fabric, you may luck in :) and find some at your local Jo-Ann Store..

Have a great day :)

Sunday 30 May 2010

~ Fabric Search ~

I am on the search for this fabric featured on McCall's pattern 6027!

I absolutely love this print!

I have been looking for this beautiful fabric , or something very similar to it, ever since I first saw it!

Picture from McCall's site ~ McCall's 6027

So far I have not been successful finding it ~ not here at my local Fabricville ~ or on any on-line fabric store!

I thought I would ask my fellow bloggers and fabric shoppers :) if you can please keep this fabric in mind and

"If anyone comes across  this fabric or fabric that resembles this print, can you please let me know"?

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Saturday 22 May 2010

My Little Red Dress - Picture promised .....

Neue Mode 22471

This was a quick back yard deck picture taking session.
When I  wear it  to my son's graduation I'll actually wear shoes...and accessories......  :)

Thank you everyone for the nice comments on my last post!
We are all so very happy!.

  I would like to also pass on that my i300 iron is perfect and it is an absolute pleasure 
to work with spitting...not a single all!

The service was excellent and I received it days after ordering it from Reliable, in Toronto Canada.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week end.

Friday 30 April 2010

My B-Day!

I had such a beautiful Birthday today!

Thank you all for making it such a very special day!

I truly have the most wonderful family!

Saturday 10 April 2010

Two New to me Sites!

1st site


Gray by Ann's Fashion Studio

 click on picture

My sister in law shared this site with me and I must say it is pretty awesome.
Thank you Stephanie! 
 Making up collections and sets is truly way too much
 fun and very addictive! 
Set up an account and start playing :)

~ Be prepared to spend some time here

2nd site
Ann's Fashion Studio
Home Sewing
Find Ann's Fashion Studio and get more Home Sewing at

This is a great site to find so many more sewing related websites and blogs!

** Susan Khalje's  "The Bridal Couture CD" is now available 
to Pre order  :)))

 Picture from Susan Khalje Couture  site


Sunday 28 March 2010

My Little Red Dress - Finished

Neue Mode 22471

Pattern Description:  
Dress, two lengths, princess seams, sleeveless, invisible zipper, fully lined.

Pattern Sizing:  
36-46 (10-20)  This is my first  Neue Mode pattern I've used so I'm not sure of  their sizing .

There is only a bust measurement chart to go by so I started with the 36 but had to take it in over 2". It did take some fiddling around before I got the perfect fit, but  I believe had I started with the proper size the fiddling would not have been necessary.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done ?  
It looks exactly like the picture on the pattern.
Were the instructions easy to follow? 
This pattern is similar to the Burda  magazine patterns where you have to add your seam allowances.
The instructions/illustrations are clear and well written. I did  read through them but didn't have to follow them.

It is a very easy simple style to make. It doesn't have complicated techniques.(However you should know how to insert an invisible zipper, the instructions are pretty meager, or have your favorite reference available) edited to add: When I was cleaning up after making this dress I briefly went over the instructions and realized they are for a regular zipper, not invisible. I prefer the look of an invisible zipper, so had I  followed or actually thoroughly read the instructions I would still have opted for the invisible zipper.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? 
I 'love" the neckline. No dislikes.

Fabric Used:  
Satin back Crepe - from Fabricville.
I can't say I enjoyed sewing with this satin back crepe. 
I had to lower the tension a significant amount on my sewing machine and my serger did not like this fabric much either, especially around the curves! 
It is also very hard to photograph this color...or maybe it's  my lack of 
photography skills / camera  knowledge ~ ) I'll work on that :)

Lining - Bemberg

Pro-Weft Interfacing - from  Sew Exciting Fashion Sewing Supply 
also known as Pam Off the Cuff.   This is the best interfacing I've used!

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: 
I didn't make any design changes. I did take it in.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? 
I definitely recommend this pattern.  I have a black crepe (not satin back) version already started. I just have to make the lining. I've never owned a LBD, I figured this would be a perfect pattern.

I love this dress. It is comfortable. It is a very easy simple style to sew.  Even though it took me a long time to finish it,  it wasn't because the pattern was complicated, it was purely  time issues.

 I will post  pictures of me wearing the dress ~ as soon as  I find red shoes.


Monday 22 March 2010

Back Yard Visitors !

These friendly visitors showed up in our back yard around
supper time.
They dined at our bird feeders
and then promptly waddled off to our little pond.....

......where they appear to be spending the night.

They brought some sunshine to a dreary ~ cold ~ rainy ~ day.

Friday 19 March 2010

* Shoes of Prey *

 Picture from Shoes of Prey site.

Kimberlee posted about  this site ~ Shoes of Prey ~ on her blog.

Thank you Kimberlee :)

You  * design * your own shoes and purchase them!

"You choose the heel, toe, fabric, colour and embellishments"

This site is awesome!

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Checking In

I definitely  did not plan on being away from my sewing for this long.....but life ~ work happens...
 My little red dress hangs on my dress form just waiting to be finished. 
 When I do find that extra energy , I  have every intention of finishing this beautiful dress.

It seems at this point that I just cannot  fit both work and sewing in...... and that's OK,  I know that all will come around - in due time .

I envy admire those that can :) and for now I am totally happy  reading about  what everyone is creating.

Thursday 7 January 2010

My Little Red Dress ~ Neue Mode ~ 22471's not done yet...but almost....... 
It's that work thing getting in the way again...

I started  Neue Mode 22471 dress, in December, and was so hoping to have it done for Christmas, but unfortunately that just never happened. I'm hoping to have it done this week~end, so I hope to have pictures up soon.  I'm making the "A", the shorter version.

In April 08 I had placed an order for quite a few  Neue Mode patterns, from, including this 22471 pattern. When I received my order, it was missing and they couldn't supply it anymore, at that time. 

I kept looking. It was now almost an obsession. I had found it on several sites but they would all come back and say it was no longer available.  So, I was thrilled when I found it at again at I received the paper pattern by mail, but had to download the instructions ! Too easy, Thank you :)  I now have it and love it, that's all that matters.

It's similar to Burda, where you have to add the seam allowances, the instructions are great and I haven't encountered any problems so far with the pattern it iron however ~ is a different story.
I'm having the same problem with my Rowenta as Mary Beth (Thank you Mary Beth for the information :) and it was most frustrating when working with my fabric, satin back crepe, (red)!a color I never wear but absolutely love in this dress.

I'm blaming my dress not being finished on my iron :) I almost hated ironing the seams and must admit tried not to......of course I didn't follow through on that!

 Even though I'm not sewing much and posting myself, I am trying to keep up with all your posts. It's great to see what you all have been sewing.

Hope you all have a wonderful week-end.

Take Care