Monday 24 March 2008

Neue Mode Patterns

I have been looking at purchasing - on and off -Neue Mode Patterns. I would print out the patterns cover picture that I liked and put them up on my inspirational board. Today I finally decided to actually buy some. A sort of a little pick me up for the past couple of bad weeks. I found several sites that sell them, but the best I found was Mynotions*com. They also have a sale on patterns - for $1.00 . So - yes I did indulge and buy - allot - I have never used these patterns but they appear to be like Burda?? If anyone has used them I would appreciate your input on how they are compared to other pattern companies. I did check out Pattern Review and there are not many reviews. I hope I don't regret my purchase. Here are some of the patterns I bought. I like them all but I really like the 22471 dress.

These pictures are all taken from Mynotions*com site. .....and I do have a few more on my Flicker album that I purchased. I had so much fun shoppping! They are all such nice styles. I'm so anxious to get this parcel in the mail :)