Tuesday 13 October 2009

Jennifer Stern Jeans 0037 - Muslin

I quickly took these pictures of the jeans muslin on Monday and wasn't overly pleased with them. I figured I'd take more this week but I will have limited sewing time this week so decided I might as well just use these after all. (Muslins are so not pretty - but are so necessary)
The pattern instructions are very well written and I had no problems with them.
The pieces all went together perfectly.
The only alterations I had to make was to add 1/4" to the side seam - starting approx 1" down from the waist and 1/4" to the inseam. (I don't like my jeans overly tight- personal preference - not a pattern issue). I think if I was using a stretch denim they would be perfect with no alterations.
There is plenty of length.
I still want to tweak the fit just a little more, but overall I am thrilled how they turned out.
The fabric I used was a light weight suit fabric and I think it was too light, but I know these pants will be much better made up in a denim. I'm anxious to get them started.

Monday 12 October 2009

Fall Colors.....

Early Morning Sky......
Pretty Trees......
and Bradley
chasing leaves.