Wednesday 18 April 2012

Worcester Expo & Cynthia Guffey!

In Mar I went to the Puyallup Expo!
We travelled (flew :) Thousands of km.(5,646.1 km ) to attend this Expo!

The first day was a pretty good day ~ I attended some classes, Sandra Betzina,(Yay) Gail Yellen, Cindy Losekamp,Louise Cutting, Katherine Tilton, Connie Crawford, June Colburn..... and I shopped...
It really was a good day...
......but unfortunately the rest of my 4 days,  I was sick...sick in bed..can't get up kinda sick :(
in the hotel!! Not fun at all!

So my first Expo was not a very memorable one!

Luckily my second Expo ~ the Worcester Expo was amazing!

I had an awesome time.

I took ``all`` of Cynthia Guffey`s classes  and I was not dissappointed.

She is such an amazing lady.

Her energy and passion for sewing clearly comes across as she teaches!.

 The day before the Expo started we attended Cynthia`s all day class on
`Pattern Adjusting-UnBoxing the Boxy Jacket`.
The information in this class went beyond the boxy jacket......
We soon found out that all Cynthia`s classes
are loaded with side notes .. anything from fitting issues ....
style....pattern adjustments...perfecting a sewing technique...hand or machine...

and even a favorite recipe or two!

Cynthia wore garments she made, and they fit her perfectly,  and she had more garments at her booth, that we could look at or try on.
They were all beautifully made.

I bought almost all of her DVD`s, books and patterns :)))))
What I didn`t buy there I`ll order online..

 I enjoyed all her classes and if you have a chance to take some of her classes I highly recommend it.
 She  is truly an inspiration and you will gain such valuable information.

Peggy Sager was also at the Expo.
I did speak to her briefly about  the french darts in her patterns.
She was wearing garments she made and she looked great.
Peggy also had garments at her booth and it was nice to be able to see them.

When I was at the Puyallup Expo, the one day that I was up and about,  I did have a chance to take one of Gail Yellen`s two classes I had registered for.....I was very pleased to have the opportunity to re-take her classes at the Worcester Expo.
 If you have the chance you really should check out Gail`s beautiful jackets.
She is such a  nice lady and her work really is beautiful and fun to make.

Our drive home from the Expo was all talk about what projects we want to do, and trust me there are a lot.
Life in general has been so busy, in a good way,  as it is for most I am sure.
I just don`t know  how to accomplish everything :) on my to do list.

Well a good way to start is One pattern at a time.... First up is a Cynthia pattern!
I`m anxious to try them.

Sunday 15 April 2012

Back from the Worcester Expo!

I just got back from a week away ~ I attended the Worcester Expo...

I had an amazing time!

When I get myself organized I will post all about it.

Have a great week.