Saturday 17 May 2008

The Great Coat Sew-Along

For those that may be interested - Marji is organizing a Coat Sew-Along * for July * and I have joined. My sewing time has been at an all time low - non exsistent really - but if I join then I know I will participate. She has set up a group blog so we can all post as we go. She has started posting great information on this new Blog called "The Great Coat Sew-Along". I'm hoping to decide on my pattern this week end and then post my choice. ******************************************** ************** Sigrid posted a great link to the Burda site - Styles of Spring/Summer 66. I love this sleeveless dress/jacket!....... and the Jacket Sigrid posted on her site. . . Picture from the Burda site. The dresses are awesome, very stylish. Unfortunately the patterns are not for sale. Maybe ebay is an option? They also have Autumn 56/57 styles. There are some very nice patterns here too but my favorites are from the "66" Fashions.

Monday 12 May 2008

Chado Ralph Rucci - Exhibition

Ivory double-faced silk and wool twill jacket and skirt with orange "suspension" insets.
Chado Ralph Rucci, Haute Couture spring/summer 2005 Collection.
Thank You so much Paco for pointing out The Kent State University Museum site. I see why you said the fabric must be "noble".
Curator Anne Bissonnette wrote "While Mr. Rucci is well-known and admired throughout the international fashion community for his impeccable garments, the Kent State University Museum exhibition represents the first major public display of his work".
These are just a few pictures of Chado Ralph Rucci's collection. All his garments are a piece of art. I choose these garments because I especially like his "suspension" technique.
Black wool crepe "suspension" dress Chado Ralph Rucci, Haute Couture spring/summer 2005 Collection.
Orange double-faced wool twill dress with "suspension" insets and enameled belt. Chado Ralph Rucci, Haute Couture spring/summer 2005 Collection.
Close up of the "suspension" technique.
Lavender double-faced cashmere brushed-twill jacket with scarf neckline and “suspension” insets worn with a matching skirt. Chado Ralph Rucci, Ready-to-wear fall/winter 2005 Collection .
All pictures are from the Kent State University Museum site.

Sunday 11 May 2008

100 kms - I'm almost there

I got Mail

When I came home on Friday my mail order was waiting for me. I received "the" Vogue 1048, Vogue 2920 , I love the pants, and Vogue 8493. My Mother and Father in law are visiting this week end so I haven't had the time to truly read thru Vogue 1048, my favorite. This pattern has caught the attention of many thru blog land and I'm anxious to see others version of this great pattern. Kathryn Brenne wrote an informative article in the June/July Vogue magazine on Chado Ralph Rucci's signature couture technique he calls "suspension". His Vogue 1048 dress just happens to have this tailored touch! It looks like it will be an interesting and fun technique to learn. I am still pondering what fabric to use? It suggests Dupioni, Sateen and Lightweight Linen. The dress made up in white is beautiful but I might go with a blue-ish?? dupioni ???? or stay with the white ?? Not sure at this point, I'll have to look around. Suggestions? :) ....... Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all Mom's are having a great day :)