Friday 2 October 2015

Power Sewing Membership Renewal and Jalie Sewing.

I know it appears as if I have given up on blogging but
I haven't and now I'm back. ...once again.
My mojo for blogging has returned. 
Today my husband  gave me an unexpected gift: a subscription renewal to
Power Sewing!! Yay!! Thank You so very much.
I so  missed watching Sandra and Ron.

I have been putting together some patterns for a fall wardrobe, using mainly
 Jalie patterns.
More to follow on this.

Happy to be back!

Change is Good!!

I've been working on changing my blog but I'm not  quite capturing the look that I want with Blogger.
I've been trying other sites but I am not a fan of starting over!!
A little more pondering to figure This out ;)

Saturday 11 April 2015

Skirt Length Calculator

Found this  skirt length calculator at Iconic Patterns site.(side bar)

I couldn't get the link to embed so you may have to go to their site for the calculator to work.
I wanted to post it here for reference.

Perfect skirt length calculator


Thursday 19 March 2015

European Pattern Making

I started a pattern making course!!
The European Patternmaking Course, from
 Le Grand Chic School of Fashion and Design.
It is taught by a lady in Ontario. I will write more about the course as I progress through it.
But so far I am Loving it. The course starts with drafting skirts so
I am sewing up lots of mock ups ~ Skirts, for me,
and my girls ~ my daughter and my sons girlfriend.

I have been neglecting my blog  so
I can concentrate on my work but I will
post  more details on this great course....

I'm still making activewear, tights and tops.
I will post more about that also.

Just a short post to check in and
Even  though I am not posting often I am sewing.

Have a great day!