Wednesday 12 January 2011

Get a Grip...

........ of your rulers.

I wanted to post about a notion I recently bought and  now I believe it  is a must  have if you cut fabric with a Rotary cutter and ruler technique. (Perfect for Quilters)

It is called The Gypsy Gripper.

I frequently use my Rotary cutter and a ruler to straighten fabric edges, cut strips and most recently to make blankies and "little" baby & doll accessories.

If you have used this technique you know that even though you are very very careful ~ every  now and then the ruler moves/slides and the rotary cutter  slips...that blade is some sharp....I've never cut myself  .....but

 I'm always afraid I  might ~  Not a good thing to happen.

So when I saw this Gypsy Gripper at  Sewing World there was no hesitation on my part, I definitely had to buy it.

This notion easily attaches to a ruler.

You press the suction cups down on to the ruler, flip the levers to lock it in place ~ voila ~ done!

You hold the handle, so now your  hand that is holding the ruler is away from the Rotary cutter/blade and you simply apply a little pressure on the Gripper and safely cut away.

 Very Safe.

It's not heavy so it feels very comfortable to move around.

If you want to use another ruler just flip the levers to release the suction cups and move the Gypsy Gripper to another ruler.

Very simple.

This product probably has been out forever but I just found it :))) and as you can tell I'm pretty impressed with it.
I do think it's pretty awesome.

I hope you are all having a great week!