Monday 18 May 2009

Burda 7947 Skirt - Done

This was a very easy skirt to make and it went together perfectly. I didn't make any fit adjustments to this pattern.
Overall I am pleased.....I like the skirt is very slimming.
I like the fabric.....but ....... unfortunately I'm just not sure yet how it will wear!
Skirt Front
My fabric is a light weight jean fabric with some stretch, and I'm thinking I should have made the skirt a touch smaller to accommodate for the stretch..... I have a feeling by the end of the day it may be somewhat loose. We'll just have to see!
Skirt Back
Inside Back Yoke - label & yoke seam detail
Invisible Zipper
Once I finish the Jalie top I will post a picture of the outfit.
Taking pictures to post on a blog sounds easy enough - doesn't it? Not so...not always....not for me!
I have to say I have allot of respect for people who take pictures of their garments and they look "so" professional. ....whether they are on their forms or they are wearing them.... trying to get everything right is just not as easy as it may appear.... again to me!
I must take 50 pictures to get one right. Now I'm curious, am I too fussy or do you all go through this to get your pictures up on your blog???
Have a great week!