Thursday 30 July 2009

To Facebook?...or to not Facebook?

for me at this time - it is * to not *
I signed up .......and then I de-activated my account.
I'm not quite ready for Facebook :)
Right now when I have any free time I just love reading my favorite blogs and checking up on what you are all doing.
That is what I enjoy so that is what I'll do. Facebook will be for later!
Have a great week end!

Sunday 26 July 2009

All moved in

Our move went well. It's just so nice to have that all behind us now.
We still have allot of boxes to unpack but that will all get done in time....not to mention that my sewing things are all in boxes and must stay in them untill my sewing room gets done....
I'm not liking that very much but I know it will be worth it.
I am behind in reading my blogs but since my computer has been up and running I have been browsing......everyone has been busy sewing and making wonderful garments.
I also joined Facebook. That is something I never thought I'd do.I just never thought I'd have time to keep up blogging and Facebook. . . ( Paco was the enabler :) To be honest it's all new to me and I'm not really sure how it all works, or if it is time consuming at all, so I'll see how that goes. It has been fun so far and there seems to be allot of of us over there :)
Hope everyone has a great week.