Friday 21 August 2009

Keeping in touch

Serena and Duncan - ( new house) -July 2009
Every one has adjusted well to the all is great!
We are still pretty busy setting up the house like we want. We are still very much in a just moved in mode - but little by little we are getting the job done!
I am making some progress with my sewing room. Instead of building a room we decided for now to use a room that is available in this house and work with what we have. There is definitely a time issue right now ,with working full time and just every day living that this works out much better. I still end up with a great room and lots of space. The previous owners used this room as their family room, so I now have a wood stove in my sewing room. I will be toasty warm this winter in my room :)
As far as "stuff"......... I cannot believe how much I have. I am grateful but I see I really need to slow down my "collection" as my husband calls it. I know I am not the only one with this issue - it is amazing how many boxes I ended up packing from my sewing room.....and I am still unpacking them and going through every- little-thing and deciding on what I'll keep and what I'll part with.
I'm actually having fun doing this sorting - once I am done I just really want to sew.
I have been trying to keep up with reading and commenting on blogs but I haven't had a great amount of time for this either. Once the house is set up I'm sure it will free up some time and all will get back to normal.
Till then........
Hope you all have time to sew!
Have a great week end!