Monday 28 April 2008

Marley & Me *

I had to post about a book I just finished reading . "Marley & Me" by John Grogan. What a fantastic story. (true story). It was one of those stories that you instantly fall in love with the main character, in this case Marley, the dog, and what a dog he is. (The family is not too bad either :) The story makes you laugh, out loud laugh and cry....tears rolling down your face cry... It's such a heartwarming story! What is so amazing is that John and Jenny kept Marley and accepted and loved him as he was! I imagine not many could handle a dog like Marley. As you can tell I really enjoyed this story. If you love dogs (or not :) you have to read this book. Marley is a bad dog that you end up loving and almost wishing you had one just like him. And really he's not all that bad.....just a little "attention-deficit, hyperactive, nutty dog, but he had a pure heart and an incredible gift of canine-human empathy". Authors own words :)
How nice that there will be a "Marley & Me" movie - which is scheduled for a Christmas day 2008 release. I'm actually excited and anxious to see it. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston will play the couple who owns Marley, John & Jenny Grogan. There is even a "Marley & Me" Blog

Pictures are from the "Marley & Me" blog.