Wednesday 4 January 2012

Silhouette Sweater Pattern # 195

I made this Silhouette Sweater, pattern # 195,  with a knit I bought from my local  Fabricville.
It is a very light knit but it did sew up nicely.

Silhouette Sweater pattern # 195

Changes I made to pattern:

**  added 2" length to front & back
** added 1" length to the sleeve.

The next sweater I make I will also need to do  a sway back adjustment. 

I wanted to be able to wear this test garment so I made pleats to take in the fullness in the back and I actually like the look of this detail..

Silhouette Sweater pattern # 195, 3 pleats added to take in fullness!

Overall I like how this sweater fits.
It is a quick and simple garment to make.
With minor adjustments to the pattern it will be a great TNT.