Saturday 30 August 2008

I Love the sound track to "The Cider House Rules"

A little off a sewing topic - but I really liked this movie, I know it's an older one, but I can listen to Michael Caine's voice for hours :)
Soundtrack :
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Images - Moments in Time : Today I started my red and green chow chow with the tomatoes Bill grew. (I'm originally from Quebec City , the majority of my family still lives there, and I'm used to my Mom's recipe, which is very close to the one I've linked to!) We picked all the plants except the little cherry tomatoes. Tonight they soak and tomorrow I cook them up! I'm also making home made bread :) for Duncan!

Upside down Cherry Tomato Plant (Bill's Mom gave us a couple of these planters with all these great tomato plants. This is the first time we tried growing these upside down plants. They are great! I've linked to a site I found that explains this method quite nicely). We were very successful growing them and will do so again next year!

Sunday 24 August 2008

Great Coat Sew Along - Muslin/Fitting

I finished the muslin for Burda 7855 View B and I am very happy with the fit, however you would never think that from these pictures. I used a cotton for the muslin that is absolutely horrible as far as wrinkles, and the camera shows them "all". (The sleeves are the worst and believe me I ironed this fabric several times for the pictures but it really was no use!) After taking a gazillion pictures I am going with these or I'd never get any posted.
The only alteration I will do is on the sleeves. The fit is fine, there is no tightness but as you can see one sleeve does not look so good. The sleeve cap has too much fabric, see red circle/picture taken outside. I removed some of the excess on the right sleeve as I pinned the sleeve to the arm, and then sewed it. The sleeve looks much better after having done this. I believe Tany had a similar issue as well. So for the sleeve paper pattern I will use Tany's method , she posted a great tutorial explaining this alteration in detail! Thank you Tany! ( Here it is on Tany's blog for those not participating in the Coat Sew Along).
There is what appears to be a lots of wrinkles on the back, and the sleeves, but trust me when I say it's the fabric! I am pleased with how the jacket fits and how it feels when I'm wearing it. I may shorten it somewhat but I'm still pondering this change :)