Wednesday 8 April 2009

True or False....12 mins & 50 secs to make a pair of jeans?

Those who read my blog probably know that I love instructional videos :) and finding good sewing information sites.
There is allot of talk on blogs lately on making jeans. How appropriate, I came across this video on YouTube.
Now I know I've seen this years ago..... and many of you also may have seen it on the show "How it's Made".
I think it's so interesting.
This company makes 1500 pairs of jeans a day. ....and it's True.....a pair of jeans takes them.....
........12 minutes and 50 secs............

Update report!

When I'm short on time, and have to do stop and go type sewing, I really don't like that kind of sewing! It just feels like the project doesn't step forward ........ quick enough :)
I came across a cute saying and it kind of sums up how I feel about spending so much time working right now......
"Born to Sew...Forced to Work"
Having said that...... my V8259 jacket is actually coming along, which is somewhat encouraging. I'll try and have pictures up by tomorrow.
I do like working with Claire Shaeffer's pattern so far. The instructions are well written and easy to follow.
I've received my Jalie patterns and my jean Fabric from I washed and dried the fabric 3 times before I liked the feel of it. (definitely do not wash this fabric with anything else....the dye runs..... but still very nice fabric.
Hope everyone else is getting some quality sewing time in :)