Thursday 5 September 2013

House Cape

Is there such a thing as a House Cape?
Well that is what I am calling what I made today...
a House a house coat ~ but different.
The weather is turning cool and it was cool in the house today ~
and for some reason this made  me think of my daughter walking around the house with a blanket on her shoulders!
During the winter months you will always see her wearing a blanket or throw over her shoulders ~ like a shawl......She has done this for as long as I can remember :)
I was planning  on making myself a cape today but came up with this idea for her and made it instead.
It is made just as you would make a cape but I put a zipper to help keep it
from slipping over her shoulders. Hopefully this works.
I used a ribbed fleece fabric.
I wanted to make this house cape fairly long so my fabric was 62"w x 75" long.
(The fabric I bought was 64" wide after being washed & dried. I didn't measure it before washing it)
Fold fabric, with grainline lengthwise.
I forgot to take pictures while  I was  making it but
here it is finished.

Cut up the center to the fold.
Insert zipper. I used a 22"zipper.
Hem around neckline, sides, front and back hem.
Very easy but I loved making it and I know my daughter will be warm and very comfortable wearing this house cape!
Have a great day!

Monday 2 September 2013

My Sewing Studio ~ Part 1

This post has been long over due and I am so happy to be finally posting it.
Over the past 30 yrs we have lived in quite  a few houses.
 In each  house my wonderful husband always made sure I had
a sewing space. He gladly did whatever had to be done to make it happen.
 Sometimes our ideas worked and sometimes they needed to be reconsidered....

He moved walls and/or  built walls,
 re-did floors, 
did electrical, (I have an obsession with lighting :)) ,
 had custom cabinets made for me ,
drafting tables,
painted rooms and furniture,
shopped for materials and supplies ~ and really the list goes on and on....
he did it all with not one single complaint.....

 In our present house he put all these skills  to work once again and  made a perfect ~ for me~
 ~ Sewing Studio ~

When I walk in to this space
I am so grateful ~  every single time ~
I can't Thank him enough!

Over the next few posts I will share with you some pictures of my Sewing Studio  and how the space works so well for me.

Pattern area

Have a great day!