Saturday 19 July 2008

I am still around :)

Today was a wonderful day. Life is just so busy lately we barely have time to relax. So we decided that today was a do - nothing - day :)
We spent the day just driving around and stopping in wherever! One of my stops - my local fabric store. When my husband heard there was a garment steamer I had wanted - in he went with me and bought it...and...he chose some fabric :o
Some nice patchwork cotton fabric! He thought the fabric would be great for pj's - for him and our son. And I love this fabric! (I'll post a picture later).
I also had the greatest chat with one of the women that works there * Hi Diana * She commented that she had visited my blog :) and that she remembered selling me the fabric for my jacket (Vogue 8043). Diana is also in the process of making her own blog. (Diana make sure you let me know when you are up and posting :) It was great talking to you). We had a great chat about one of our favorite sites - Stitchers Guild - and the great people that post there. It was just so nice to actually "talk" to some one that also visits sites that I just love to visit - like Paco and Tany and so many more.......
To finish off a perfect day, I am going to start (I am so far behind) working on my coat muslin for the Great Coat Sew Along.