Saturday 17 December 2011

Sew many things to little time....

...however I did find some time to squeeze in a little sewing over the last few weeks...
but I  haven't had the time to blog  about it.

I made a couple of
Silhouette's yoga pants # 3400 and the Gucci top.
I made my top sleeveless for a work out top and it is a "perfect" work out top!
I didn't put the detail around the neckline, that will be in the next top.

I love both these patterns.
They were very easy to make and went together beautifully.
I made a very minor change to the pants ~ lowered the waist ( by 2-1/4") ~ and that is just because I like my waist to sit a little lower than the pattern style.
(I will post a picture as soon as I take one.)

...and  Tonight I did read a few blogs  and  I see there are so many more of you that are making up gorgeous garments and having fun in your
 sewing rooms.

I'm now going to pick another project!

I want ....I need sew   :)

Have a great week end.