Saturday 18 July 2009

Moving Day......

.....................on Monday!
We have been so busy the last few months selling our house and buying another one - and now our moving day is finally almost here.
(When our children were younger we read them "every" Berenstain Bears books that were out there. One of them of course was the "Berenstain Bears' Moving Day". They had subjects on everything :) and they were wonderful stories that kids loved)
Even Bradley wants in on the fun.
....not sure where I found this dog running away picture....
All is packed and waiting for the truck. One of the biggest packing jobs I (we) had was "my" sewing room.
I knew I had allot of "stuff" but this move is truly confirming this fact. Our new house does not have a sewing room ""yet" but my husband will make one as soon as he can. He assures me it will not be long.
I definitely have not been sewing for the last couple of months (well one quick skirt) but I have been enjoying reading my favorite blogs, and then more.
So for a few more weeks there will be no sewing. I am so very anxious to get settled in so everything can get back to normal.
I received my Claire Shaeffer CD this week and I have not had time to even look at it, but when I do I'll report back :)
I hope you are all having a great summer.