Tuesday 1 April 2008

Neue Mode Patterns * Part 2 *

I received my order today :) I am very pleased with the patterns. However.... The only one that was out of stock was the one I really wanted - 22471. I'll just keep checking to see if they will get more.
Briefly browsing thru the patterns I noticed that the instuctions are booklet style, approx 7 1/2" by 5". My initial thought was -WOW- this is great, no huge pages, very convenient. I'll see if that is how I feel once I start sewing them up. Hopefully there is enough information on these smaller sheets - but I'm really not too concerned. They all seem quite straight foward.
For the interfacing, for all the patterns that require it, they do use a specific brand that I have never heard of. It is "Vilene" interfacing. Has any one used this interfacing and what brand is it comparable to? (It is a sew in interfacing).
(When I finish my blog posting, if there's time, I'll do a little surfing to see if I can find answers too :)
Also there are letters beside the pattern number. Does anyone know what they stand for
S -M -V. (you can see on picture above).
I'm very anxious to get started on some of these patterns, but first I must finish my Jacket,V8043.
Progress is slow but I'm hoping to have it done this week.