Thursday 7 January 2010

My Little Red Dress ~ Neue Mode ~ 22471's not done yet...but almost....... 
It's that work thing getting in the way again...

I started  Neue Mode 22471 dress, in December, and was so hoping to have it done for Christmas, but unfortunately that just never happened. I'm hoping to have it done this week~end, so I hope to have pictures up soon.  I'm making the "A", the shorter version.

In April 08 I had placed an order for quite a few  Neue Mode patterns, from, including this 22471 pattern. When I received my order, it was missing and they couldn't supply it anymore, at that time. 

I kept looking. It was now almost an obsession. I had found it on several sites but they would all come back and say it was no longer available.  So, I was thrilled when I found it at again at I received the paper pattern by mail, but had to download the instructions ! Too easy, Thank you :)  I now have it and love it, that's all that matters.

It's similar to Burda, where you have to add the seam allowances, the instructions are great and I haven't encountered any problems so far with the pattern it iron however ~ is a different story.
I'm having the same problem with my Rowenta as Mary Beth (Thank you Mary Beth for the information :) and it was most frustrating when working with my fabric, satin back crepe, (red)!a color I never wear but absolutely love in this dress.

I'm blaming my dress not being finished on my iron :) I almost hated ironing the seams and must admit tried not to......of course I didn't follow through on that!

 Even though I'm not sewing much and posting myself, I am trying to keep up with all your posts. It's great to see what you all have been sewing.

Hope you all have a wonderful week-end.

Take Care