Monday 1 August 2011

I wonder "Why" did 'Dial Textile'.....

.... get rid of  all their Fashion Fabrics?????????

I have been looking forward to shopping at Dial Textile -  for months.

The last time I was at their store was a few years ago ~  and they had the most amazing Fashion fabrics!
They had so many choices of lovely and just gorgeous  fabrics...It was a fabric dream store....and  I did buy some fabric at that time ;)

So when I was in Quebec City this past weekend for a very short stay ~ I had very limited time but I went out of my way to make time 
to stop in ~ and then ~ I was disappointed.

They are mostly a Home Dec fabric store now!?!

There was some fashion fabrics in their lower level..lower level!!.... they had  nother this time that really stood out - nothing like they had before!

I left empty handed!!!   I bought nothing!!!  :(

If you are looking for Home Dec fabrics ~  you are in luck - they have a wide variety of beautiful home dec fabrics! and this would certainly be "the" place to go.