Monday 18 February 2008

From Els's house - to Ann's house :)

I received my ham holder from Els today.

Els mailed it on Feb 9th from The Netherlands and I received it New Brunswick....that is very fast....and I was so very pleased to receive it. I have been looking for a ham holder for quite sometime, and had asked if anyone knew where I could possibly find one, since "nobody" anywhere sells these any more? Els kindly offered to sell me hers since she hardly used it. I just love it and I know I will enjoy using it. Thank You so much again Els.

*Note* For those who have not yet read Els post on her blog about "Presssing Equipment-Part 1 & 2", be sure to read them, they are full of great information - I really enjoyed reading them.

I have pretty much all the - fabric -lining - interfacing cut out for my Jacket * V8043 (View B). Seems like I am only getting in 30 minute sewing sessions these days it's taking so long to actually see any progress.... not only was there allot to cut but I chose fabric that needed to be matched up. Now putting it together begins :)

Last week I also received my Jalie 2794 Sweetheart Top Pattern from Julie. I am really anxious to make this top. I love the style. Now I need to find some really nice knit fabric.