Saturday 11 October 2008

Single Welt Pocket -Burda 7855

I did actually sew today so I wanted to post "something" about sewing. . Burda 7855 jacket has two choices of pockets, In Seam or Front Flap. I didn't want either one. I wanted a Single Welt Pocket.

I found the pocket placement was too low for me, so I raised it.

I made this pocket, using the instructions from the book - "Tailoring- The Classic Guide to Sewing the Perfect Jacket" .

I put the sleeve to my muslin in the pocket to see if it might make the welt stand out a little but the welt blends in really well, there really is one there. Next one I make I could use a contrasting fabric.

View of the lining inside pocket.

The Instructions were clear and easy to follow. I am pleased with the results.

(Along with pg 94 you also have to use some steps on pgs 91, 92, 93. Click on "All Sizes" to be able to read instructions.)

Fall Scene

Images: Moments in Time

This beautiful view, which can be seen just down the road from where my husband's parents live, is the view across the

Chaleur Bay to Quebec , Gaspé Peninsula and Heron Island .

Picture taken in Benjamin New Brunswick.

by: Irene

Oct 5 2008

Sunday 5 October 2008

Images - Moments in Time

I've been trying to come up with a Label name - for pictures - that I post that are Non Sewing related.

I finally came up with one I like. My new Label for these pictures is,

Images -Moments in Time:

Ann Originally uploaded by Ann's Fashion Studio

  • We don't live near my family and so we don't see each other very often. This picture is for them - to see I went a "little" blonder - to hide the gray :) - and a bit shorter!

  • I am never alone when I sew. My Bradley is always with me in my sewing room. Sometimes he's sleeping, like this picture taken last night, but mostly he wants to be on my lap, or playing ball. (I can sew and play catch with him.) I've gotten really good at aiming the ball, and gently, tossing it through the sewing room door to the family room :) He's just a little guy so this gives him a good run!
    He can do this forever - he never seems to get tired of this fun game!
  • And now that it's getting a bit cooler, Hilda is taking up residence in my sewing table.

It's a very cozy spot for her.

Bradly and Hilda's pictures were taken last night. Salem wasn't in my sewing room with us, so not to leave him out I'll include a recent picture of him.