Saturday 1 December 2007

Carribean Blue-tiful --- Doupioni Fabric

I received my fabric yesterday.It is such a beautiful vibrant teal colour. My camera is not showing the fabric's true colour. The colour is closer to the picture on the Silk Baron's site. I am so very pleased ....with the fabric.....and the colour.

Wednesday 28 November 2007

No time to Sew :(

I have had no time to sew this week.....(I'm on duty )... I check in Artisan's Square and that is pretty much all the time I have . .............I'll just have to sew more next week........... I haven't received my Silk Doupioni fabric that I ordered from the SilkBaron, to make this shirt, Vogue 8391. Kathryn, one of the ladies from Artisan's Square, made this shirt and it is beautiful. I've been looking for quite some time now for Silk Doupioni, but could never find the colour. I must say Kathryn's shirt was just the "inspiration" I needed, and she pointed out the Silk Baron. You can definetly find a colour here as it appears they make Doupioni in every colour...... carribean blue was the colour for me. .