Wednesday 13 August 2008


Bradley enjoying a little time out in the rain!
Images - Moment in Time


Tany said...

He's so cute! He looks happy in the rain!

Ann Made Studio said...

Tany, my little Bradley has an awesome personality, he's my little treasure :)
Hope your painting week end went well :)

Mon Café Couture said...

Ann , Bradley est adorable et mignon comme tout, je peux voir à son regard que c'est un brave chien.

lorrwill said...

I surfed onto your blog because of the sewing (great fabrics!) then I found this little guy - WHAT A DOLL!

(I am going to have to read Marley and Me because of you now.)

Cool blog!

Ann Made Studio said...

Thank you, he is wonderful.

lorrwill,you will enjoy Marley & Me.
The movie comes out in Dec :) should be good!