Saturday 28 February 2009

Blue/ White Bouclé Jacket- Vogue 8259 - Trim & Buttons & Claire Shaeffer CD

I finally found some trim and buttons today.....but I must say I'm not totally thrilled with my find....but it was what I could find. I really only have the "one" place to go to, to choose trims and buttons, and although it is pretty good most times, it definitely is not like Lindsay's go to places in NYC's Garment District :)
I was truly hoping to find trim to match the blue in my fabric, but that was just not happening! So I'm a little disappointed - but white trim and buttons was just my only way to go! Hoping when all is done it will look beautiful!!
I'm leaning to the #1 choice, but will decide when the time comes to apply the trim.
I thought I'd share this information because I know there are some of you,just like me, who are patiently waiting for this CD:
Behind The Seams: The Shaeffer Collection Volume One: CHANEL
I emailed David Coffin today asking when the CD would be available to purchase and from where, and this is what he wrote back:
I'm sorry this has been delayed, but it WILL soon be available. It's essentially done and just needs some details tweaked so that Claire and I are completely happy with it, which we're working on as we speak. Claire will be selling it, and I'm sending her a copy of this so you can get on her announce list. She's here:
(It's a CD-ROM, btw; not a DVD; amazingly, it all fits on a CD!)
Thanks for asking, we're hard at work!
David Coffin
I didn't realize there was an announce list, might be a good idea to get your name on this list :)


Birgitte said...

The trim looks beautiful- both of them. If you want something blue and don't mind the wait, you could send me a swatch and I'll find some for you. You know I love shopping :))
bjorum at mac dot com
The Chanel cd sounds wonderful. Wish it would come in book form- I'm a bookworm!!

Anne-Marie said...

Hello Ann,

If the single trims do not make you fall in love, you can also braid narrow ones to make a unique binding that no one else would have. I have a book at home entitled "fine embellishment techniques" from Jane Conlon.
She gives excellent ideas in it. If your local library has it, you can take a look and inspire your self.

Meg said...

Ann, I'll be happy to look for you too in NYC. I may be in the city next Saturday.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ann .- I agree with you. These buttons are nice, but I think that they lack "spark" (as we say here). Have you thought about the possibility of using buttons covered and you do the same border. It is well to cut bias strips of fabric. Of course, I also offer, as here in Barcelona there is a large selection of buttons and trimmings.

Very interesting video CHANEL. I'm looking forward to editing. Thanks for the news.

Best wishes,


Tany said...

Ann, I like the trimming and the buttons but if they're not exactly what you're looking for, you should wait and try to find something that satisfies you 100%. Remember, you're investing on a lifetime jacket. I'd check out the book that Anne mentioned; it sounds promising!

David Page Coffin said...

Hi, just noticed that you'd linked to my Chanel post; thanks! And sorry this project has been so delayed; Claire's just been too busy to nail down! But I'm optimistic that we'll be ready to go soon, like in the next month or 6 weeks…

And to clarify, this is a collection of high-quality still images with text, not a video, and there's many hundreds of them, way more than could ever be put in a book an ordinary mortal could afford:)

Thanks for your interest!

David Coffin

Ann Made Studio said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide updated information on this CD. I have re-posted this information on my blog knowing others will also be interested :)
Have a great day!