Saturday, 20 September 2008

Jalie * Socks * Chaussettes *

Making Socks / Chaussettes, looks very interesting. Check out this Jalie Video :)

Jalie Pattern #2448 Women's Thermal Underwear

They look like they would be fun and easy to make :)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

How nice is this?

In my last post I linked to a video on youtube, the one Susan had posted on the Great Coat Sew along, "Stitching Techniques for the Tailored Jacket" made by OTIS College.
While checking this one out I found others and wanted to post them to share with you all, and have them as references for later, if ever needed. Well today I received a really nice email. The OTIS College, Dean of Admissions, Mr Marc Meredith, e-mailed me to thank me for posting about OTIS college on my blog. I thought that was really quite nice :)
He has a blog called The "O" Observed and he mentioned my post on his blog - Thank you Mr Marc D. Meredith.
For those fortunate to be out in the Los Angeles area I'm sure a walk around campus would be a great inspiration. If any one ever does visit please let us know!

Otis College of Art and Design

9045 Lincoln BLVD

Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone: 800-527-OTIS (6847) or 310-665-6800

Marc D. Meredith

Dean of Admissions

Phone: 310-665-6820 Fax: 310-665-6811

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Great reference for Sewing Techniques

Susan from fabricluver posted a link to a very interesting Sewing Techniques reference video on The great coat sew along blog - Thank you so much Susan :) I really enjoyed it. When I first saw it - it reminded me of a great post I read on Tany's blog about thread tracing Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. (Thank you Tany. I hope you don't mind that yet again I link to your blog :) and of course Paco's wonderful Jacket Tailoring Methods tutorial. (Tany's translation).
I wanted to post these on my blog for those not participating in the coat sew along, and also for my future reference. The "Stitching techniques for the Tailored Jacket" are very well done in this video - made by OTIS college on youtube. (It's amazing what you can find there!)
Other videos : "OTIS Fashion Design Department" , Basic Hand Stitching, Invisible Zipper, Lap Zipper, Railroad Zipper.
I think if I was younger and starting out OTIS College might be a great place to attend.
  • Non Sewing: My 16 yr old son was working on a school assigment "all" week end - taking care of a "baby". (A doll that is just like a baby!) For those not familiar with these dolls, the baby acts and sounds just like a real one. It is computerized and programmed to giggle, burp, cry when it is hungry,wet,fussy......... his responses are monitored by the bracelet he has to wear,which he cannot remove. My little Bradley was quite taken by this baby! It was a long week end and long nights for him. (and us-not use to hearing a baby's cry in the house anymore - especially late at night :)

All in all, he handled this assignment really well. We were truly very impressed!

However not a sight I want to see for quite some time :)

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