Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!
Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Creative Sensation!

No Big deal......

Just playing with my new Pfaff  Creative Sensation..

First projects up are personalized towels for my Landyn and Ella....

 fun ~ fun ~ fun ~

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Doubly Fun !!

I made two sets of this outfit..... so it "was" Doubly Fun to make :))

The first top was really a muslin. I used a stretch fabric, that I love.
 It has texture and is like a bathing suit knit.

I made a Size 3 and it was too big so I made the next size down and it was perfect and I just love the fit. 
The changes I made were to lower the neckline and I didn't do the detail around the neckline.
I prefer the smaller size however I can wear the one that is on Annabelle.

The Yoga pants are made with a Ponte Knit I bought from Fabricville.
They are both size 6.
The change I made was to the waist. I lowered it by 2-1/4" and oh yes I also made the band slightly wider...finished width of the band is  3 1/4".
 I like the feel and the look of this combination better.
(More like lulu lemon style)

The fabric I used for the pants is "ok", but I would love to find some fabric that is really "great" and a really good quality!
Does anyone know where I can find some?
You know like the great fabric lulu lemon uses ;)
I can wish!

Over all I love these two patterns.
The pant style really does look like lulu lemon pants.
I will certainly make them again and my next pants I will  have fun changing  up the fabric on the waist bands.
Peggy does cover all this in her DVD ~ Yoga Pants - Worn Beyond the Exercise Class.


What I've really been up to!

This is what my Sewing Room looked like a few days ago!!!!

Ann's Kit return ~ Dec 2011

Since I finally decided to retire from the Military 
I needed to gather all my kit to return it... and my Sewing Room was in this
great big wonderful mess....a mess like this is really truly a good thing!

Luckily the mess  was very short lived and now all is back in order and
 my kit has "all" been turned in...done.... What a feeling!

It has  been a wonderful 32 year career but now it is time to do
something totally different.

In Jan I start my new job at Sewing World   :)))))

I'm thrilled about this change and it is all so very exciting!


*** Information below added because of my husbands lovely comment :) ***

 I flew in the Argus (CFB Summerside) and had the opportunity to be in the nose, the clear bubble in the front! Pretty awesome!

I also flew in these aircrafts:

Buffalo (CFB Summerside)
Labrador (CFB Summerside)
Tracker (CFB Summerside)
Herc (CFB Edmonton)

I've worked to support the Griffon  for the last eleven years but I have never flown in one!