Thursday, 12 February 2009

Instructional Videos & More

This is a post of some of the sites that have instructional videos or sewing information, for future reference and easy access. There are so many available, but these are just "some" that I like to check out. (I'll just keep adding them as I find more)
Brigham Young University
Collar Clamp Tool - "Off the Cuff" how to tutorial
David Coffin - includes Marcy & Katherine Tilton, Kayla Kennington,Kathryn Brenne videos.
DIY Network

DIY Network  -Sewing
Get Creative
Husqvarna- The Sewing Room - Sewing Projects - Free Monthly Projects

Jennifer Stern - Tee shirt pattern
                     - Fly Front 

Claire Kennedy - Basic Fitting Video

Linda Macphee Workshops
New Mexico State University
OTIS College - Tailored Jacket Construction Technique - YouTube

Other OTIS College videos : "OTIS Fashion Design Department" , Basic Hand Stitching, Invisible Zipper, Lap Zipper, Railroad Zipper.

Otis College - Mariano Fortuny

Pants- Tapering Widening Pants (Threads Mag Site)

Quilters  TV

Sandra Betzina - Flat Fly-Front Zipper
                        - Fly Front Threads article 
Sewing with Nancy

Sewing with Nancy (Public TV)

Sew on TV

Sew Much More - Susan Khajle

Sewing Tutorials - Sigrid
Threads Magazine
Threads - Tapering or Widening Pants
Neckline Binding - knits- Sarah Veblen
Turtle Neck - knits- Sarah Veblen
Sarah Veblen - Making and Using a muslin and Straightening the Grain

Sarah Veblen- Site
Sandra Betzina - YouTube
Power Sewing - The online Show About Sewing - Sandra Betzina
SulkyPower Sewing - Web TV Show - Sandra Betzina

Hot Patterns -YouTube

 Hot Patterns -YouTube
Fashion Schools - Canadian

Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Background

Not much sewing going on however I have been playing around with backgrounds to see which one I like best.
At this moment I'm thinking I'll stay with this one.
Thank You to Belinda at Sew4Fun for sharing "the cutest blog on the block" site.