Wednesday 6 August 2008

Les Tissus D.R.B ( St-Jean-Chrysostome, Quebec)

I wanted to also post information on this store. I was impressed with the service and fabrics.

Have you bought anything from this store? If yes were the prices competitive? I bought some wonderful denim fabric and some knits for pj's/house coat. It was their end season sale so all fabrics were $4.00/m and $5.00/m.

Were the sales people polite and friendly? The owner Danie, was extremely polite and friendly. She took the time to explain all about her unique * fabric sample offer - mentioned below.

How would you rate the quality of the item this store sells? The fabric is of the highest quality. One of the knit fabric was totally interfaced!

How was your shopping experience. Is there anything you did not like about this store? My shopping expererience was wonderful. Danie was very helpful and generous with her cuts.

Would you shop here again? Yes I would. Anyone sewing for little ones would find this shop a great place. Even though I don't normally sew for children I would return to this shop, because I did find some "very" nice fabric.

Would you recommend this store to others? Yes.

Any other comments you would like to add? This shop sells fabrics that are for children, however I did find that some of their fabrics like the ones I purchased- the denim - (will make a wonderful jacket) and the so soft and comfy knit fabric (for pj's/house coat ) will be great for either an adult or a child. She also sells childrens's clothes and crib bedding.

She offers a very unique *fabric sample service. You can sign up to receive a sample box, of "all" her fabrics in the store. The box is mailed out to you and you have 7 days to view the fabrics/notions and then you send it back, along with your order if you choose to buy something. You can also fax your order in or email it to her. (On her website click on "les boites" to see what you would receive.

This sample box is sent out twice a year. I think this is such a great way of "touching" the fabric before you buy it. Danie says her customers love it. I may give it a try too :)

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