Wednesday 6 August 2008

Tissus Claudiany ( St-Jean-Chrysostome,Quebec)

I was away for a few days visiting my family in Quebec City.
While I was there I made a point of shopping at "Tissus Claudiany" and I also found another fabric store on the same street called "Les Tissus D.R.B.
Deepika reviewed Tissus Claudiany and I have to agree it is a wonderful shop. It is a small shop with lots of great fabrics. Especially knits - lots of prints. I had a great time picking out fun prints. ...and there was allot to choose from......I can't seem to upload pictures tonight so I will add them later.
Have you bought anything from this store? If yes were the prices competitive?
I bought 8 pieces of knit fabric. (I was thrilled to find some fabric like the one on the Jalie Pattern 2794 top,the black/white circles.)The prices were very competitive - The fabric I purchased was from $10.98 to $12.98 a meter.
Were the sales people polite and friendly?
The sales person serving me was very nice. She was by herself while I was there and it was a busy day for her, but I received excellent service.
How would you rate the quality of the item this store sells?
The fabric all appeared to be very good quality. The knit I purchased definetly is a higher end product.
How w
as your shopping experience. Is there anything you did not like about this store? I liked everything about my shopping experience.
Would you shop here again?
Yes I would. I think this little shop will be a regular stop whenever I'm in Quebec City.
Would you recommend this store to others?
Any other comments you would like to add?
They have Jalie pattern tops made up - that they also sell. This is a great way of seeing these tops done up before you buy the pattern...and the fabric. I didn't see a large selection of Jalie patterns for sale, but then again I didn't ask if they had more. I was too focused on buying knit fabrics :) and knew I was going to order my Jalie patterns online when I returned home.


Mon Café Couture said...

Hello Ann, glad you found your happiness in the fabric store :)) where are you on your coat sewalong process? I am so late and the fact days are so hot here doesn't give me motivation to continue. I intend to dedicate my next week to the coat sewing project entirely. a bientôt

Ann Made Studio said...

Allo :)
I am so far behind with my coat too.
I am still working on cutting out my muslin...I am truly hoping to make some progress this week end. My goal is to finish it (muslin) this week end.
Hope your sewing week works out for you :))
Bye - Bonne journee.

Anne-Marie said...

Bonjour Ann,

You convinced me, on my next trip to Québec city, I will stop at Claudiany. Thank you for the tip.

Ann Made Studio said...

You welcome Anne.
I hope you find lots of little treasures here. Even though it is a small shop they had lots of great picks :)