Saturday, 9 November 2013

My Sewing Studio ~ Part 11

Life has been busy!  My blog posts always
seem to get pushed to the bottom of my to do tonight I am going to play catch up and continue my Sewing Studio posts.
I have been sewing but will post about that later!

This section is the "Pattern Corner". The cubicle wall unit stores the larger patterns that do not fit in my pattern filing cabinets....such as Angela Wolf, Jalie, Cynthia Guffey, Vogue,
 Gail Patrice, Cecilia Podolak, Pamela's Patterns, Silhouette Patterns, Onion,
Style Arc, Brensan Studio, and Islander Sewing....just to name a few :)
These cubicles are great for storing my patterns and also for
 fabrics that I plan on using in the very near future.
(I do have a step stool to reach the higher bins.)
I love this section...browsing through my patterns and
planning my next project!

I bought one of these pattern cabinets years ago, from my local Fabricville when they changed their cabinets...the other one was given to me......these cabinets are perfect for  Vogue, McCalls, Butterick, Simplicity, New Look, Burda, Kwik Sew, Neue Mode....

This is another section that I simply call "The Work Station"!
More cubicles to store interfacing, elastic, trims, DVD's,
camera eqpt, rulers, tracing paper....but mostly I use
 this section as a work station
~ a comfortable spot, with lots of counter space to do my hand stitching ~
and maybe watch a sewing DVD while I work!

 ~ When I am in my Sewing Studio  ~ Bradley always keeps me company ~

but now I am fortunate to have two little sewing  buddies!

Meet Sammy!

An apricot poodle we inherited from my husbands parents.
He is an older fella, who is set in his ways but has quickly made himself comfortable and is such a joy to have around.
He is settling in perfectly and we are happy to have him!

My newest little Zen garden!

I do have more of my Sewing Studio to share but will leave it at this for tonight...

 Have a great weekend!



Vicki said...

What a great space. Lucky you :)

becki-c said...

How divine!
So this is where all those gorgeous garments come from...

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

So how many vacation days do I need to schedule to come and sew with you in that amazingly beautiful sewing room!?! Look you even have an extra sewing machine set up for me already!!! So just let me know when okay?!

thestitchery said...

What a beautiful sewing space! I love how spacious and organized it is...and the dogs so comfy cozy. It's going to be a great winter in this room!

AnaJan Stepalica said...

Wow, I'm a bit jealous of you :). I sew in a tiny corner and cut my fabrics on the floor. Would love to have such amazing studio you've created for yourself. Gorgeous!

RhondaBuss said...

Such a haven!

Jane M said...

I'm in love with your sewing space. Thanks for sharing your pics. It's almost as much fun as an in-person studio tour.

Ruth said...

Wonderful sewing room, so organized! I love it.

Sandy said...

I love it! If I had a sewing area like this my husband would only see me when I came out to eat!

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Diana said...

Oh what a dream Sewing Room Ann. It make me tempted to take up Bob's offer of making a room for me in the basement.Lol!

Faye Lewis said...

How beautiful and perfectly neat. Can we swap????

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Wow! Where's the microwave and coffee maker? That's all yu're missing!

Goodbye Valentino said...

What a beautiful sewing room! A little eny going on here :)

Rosy said...

Wow! I'm trying to get my lower jaw put back in its place again .... OMG! This is the sewing room more beautiful and welcoming that I ever saw! I would love to sew there .. in the company of those two four-legged friends and you ... Hmmmm, keep dreaming, Rosy ....