Monday 29 October 2012

New Girl Sew Along - Pattern

I noticed that my measurements on my paper pattern appeared to not match up with Rosy's measurements as seen  on the the pictures that she posted.
I bought and downloaded my pattern on the BurdaStyle site.
Rosy is using the pattern from the Burda Magazine.
I wonder if the pattern on the site is different from the one in the Burda magazine?
I will have Rosy verify these measurements. Thank you Rosy :)

Size 34- Front / Back shoulder seam measures 8.5cm
Front Neckline measures 14.5 cm
Back neckline measures 14 cm

Size 36 - Font /Back shoulder seams measures 8.9 cm
Front neckline measures 15 cm
Back neckline measures 14 cm
Rosy, with the changes you are making to the pattern, in your picture the
front / back shoulder seam should be  9cm this also for size 34 or 36.
and  then the neckline we just draw from this added seam.   Thank you.
The pictures below is the front pattern piece from Rosy's post.
Both Pictures From Rosy's blog


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Sewingadicta said...

Hi, Ann! I want to say you that your actions are well pattern. You must add 5 centimeters to the measurement of shoulder, back and front.
The reason my shoulder line is smaller than yours, is that I went back to take pictures of these patterns to make this tutorial, when I had cut a few centimeters to the armhole.
I mean, I had cut armhole to enlarge it, and then someone asked me to make this tutorial because she did not understand it. So I took photos of this pattern after trimming these feet. Sorry for your confusion, it's my fault.
I hope you are quiet now and continue on with this project, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress to bring them to my blog to link to your blog.
  If you have other questions, please let me know. I'm happy to help and share with you. Greetings.