Wednesday 31 October 2012

New Girl ~ Sew Along ~ The muslin

I made the muslin for the   New Girl Sew Along dress,  and overall
 I am happy with the fit. (Rosy your thoughts :)
The fabric I used for the muslin is left over fabric from a curtain project, and it has absolutely "no" give to it.
The fashion fabric I will use has "some" stretch so it will feel much better.
I do find the shoulder seams are too long....
...I think I prefer this look better.
Rosy, should the band be longer? It is at my natural waist. 
(In the muslin my band seam doesn't match aaghh :} but it will in my garment)

 The fabric I'll be using for the dress (well one of the dresses)  is a fuschia
colored Fashion Suiting (63%Poly/ 32%Rayon/ 5%Spandex)
It has a nice weight and feel to it.
 I do have some apple green colored fabric that would be the perfect color for this
Sew Along Dress project.....but it is a knit (poly)  fabric....I bought it from Fabric Mart in 2010. Even though it is a knit, it really needs to be used for this
New Girl dress pattern!

I'm going to be very ambitious and I will make this pattern out of this
fabric too... :)

I want to Thank Rosy for all the great posts she is providing for this Sew Along.
They are informative, very well done and very easy to follow.
Thank You Rosy :)

Happy Sewing!



Diana said...

Hi Ann,It will be interesting to follow your progress on this project.

velosews said...

Wow. These versions will be stunning.

la inglesita said...

I can´t wait to see the fuchsia dress finished but I must say the muslin looks pretty good too. Could be a wedding or special ocasion dress :-)
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

Sewingadicta said...

Wow! Ann. This muslin is perfect! I'm happy that you are following all the steps and I'm looking forward to seeing your dress with the fuschia fabric because I love it! It's beautiful!
First, the shoulder seam is so, so long ... but do not worry because in the next post, we're going to fix this.
Second, the waistline of the bodice should be right above your natural waist line, if you need longer here, add some centimeters to the waistline of your dress it down, you need to feel comfortable yourself with this .... then you are going to sew the skirt at this waistline.
Third, I want to congratulate you! You are a great seamstress and always takes care of the little details, I love your way of sewing and all the time you take to make things perfect. Please, if you have questions along the way, I'm helping you, count me in! A hug.

Unknown said...

so wonderful!! i´m sewing with Rosy too ;)