Friday 20 November 2009

Sandra Betzina - WebTV Show

Today I signed up for Sandra Betzina's Web TV Show.
I must say so far I think it is awesome. I love Sandra Betzina and Ron Collins. They are fun to watch and there is just so much information in their videos. I would  love to one day attend their seminars.
I've also started collecting thier DVD's and  have the "Jeans Couture"  and  "Shirts and Blouses" DVD's. They are great! What is really nice is that you can preview all the DVD's and get an idea of what's on them. They are "all"on my Wish List :)

***** Stay tuned for a  Give away **** 
I'll have the details posted tomorrow :)

Have a great week end!


gwensews said...

I've wondered how their shows are. Thank you for commenting on them.

meredithp said...

I've wondered about their subscription shows. I agree that both are quite entertaining. I've seen Ron Collins on TV and Sandra both on TV and in person. I just wondered if there is really useful new information in the videos that would appeal to the intermediate to advanced sewer? Perhaps because of the economy, I am hesitant to subscribe (I normally spare no expense when it comes to sewing) without knowing more about the videos. Sandra has a large body of work out there already. Would you comment on specifics about the videos you've watched? What was new to you, what did you enjoy? Thanks!

ClaireOKC said...

Glad to hear your comments....would love to get your impression after being on there for a while.