Saturday 14 November 2009

Blogger ???? Dashboard ?????

Hi everyone. I have finally put some time into sewing my J. Stern jeans yesterday and will have pictures to post soon.
Is anyone else experiencing some funky stuff with their Blogger Dashboard???? Anyone know what is up?
I checked to see if there was some kind of maintenance going on but couldn't find anything? Hoping it won't last too long!


Marie-Noëlle said...

Hello Ann,

Blogger is alright overhere
Have a nice week-end


Ann Made Studio said...

Hello Marie-Noëlle,

The last two days my dashboard has a different lay out and it is not an overly friendly one. It appears to be missing all the blogger style formatting...very annoying...but hopefully it will clear up soon :)

Have a great week end. Ann

Sheila said...

I was having issues with blogger a few days ago - I couldn't insert links, but today it worked perfectly.

Ann Made Studio said...

All is back to normal
for me too now :)

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I gave up on Blogger a while ago. It's just too temperamental for words.