Thursday 12 February 2009

Instructional Videos & More

A work in Progress: Last updated ~ Jan 11 2017
This is a post of some of the sites that have instructional videos or sewing information, for future reference and easy access. There are so many available, but these are just "some" that I like to check out. (I'll just keep adding them as I find more)
Andrea - Sew to Fit 

Angela Kane (YouTube) - Website

Claire Kennedy - Basic Fitting Video

Laura Volpintesta - Fashion Illustration Tribe website

Laura Volpintesta(YouTube)
Collar Clamp Tool - "Off the Cuff" how to tutorial
David Coffin - includes Marcy & Katherine Tilton, Kayla Kennington,Kathryn Brenne videos.
Fashion Schools - Canadian

Get Creative

 Hot Patterns -YouTube

Jennifer Stern - Jennifer Stern Tee shirt pattern
Linda Macphee Workshops

Man Sewing (You tube) - Rob Appell
New Mexico State University
OTIS College - Tailored Jacket Construction Technique - YouTube

Other OTIS College videos : "OTIS Fashion Design Department" , Basic Hand Stitching, Invisible Zipper, Lap Zipper, Railroad Zipper.

Otis College - Mariano Fortuny

Pants- Tapering Widening Pants (Threads Mag Site)

Sandra Betzina (YouTube) -  Power Sewing - Web TV Show - Sandra Betzina
Power Sewing - The online Show About Sewing - Sandra Betzina

Sandra Betzina - Fly Front Threads article 

Sarah Veblen- Site

Sarah Veblen -Neckline Binding - knits


Sure Fit Designs - YouTube - Website

Turtle Neck - knits- Sarah Veblen

TR Patterns

Sarah Veblen - Making and Using a muslin and Straightening the Grain

Sarah Veblen - Making and Using a muslin

Silhouette Patterns

Sew to Fit(youtube) - Sew to Fit (Blog) 
Sewing with Nancy

Sewing with Nancy (Public TV)

 Susan Khalje
Threads Magazine
Threads - Tapering or Widening Pants

Toolfully - Diane Deziel(YouTube)
                - Dress form Arm
                - Knotting
                - Downloads

University of Fashion - Online Fashion Design Training


Meg said...

Ooh, thanks Ann! Very helpful.

Diana said...

Its so funny but I was just working on adding videos to my Blog and just figured it out. I said to Bob "i just learned something new" Then I go on yours and you have all of these .That's so great Ann. I've enjoyed looking at a lot of them. A great reference page!!!

Faye Lewis said...

Love your new plaid! thanks for the video links.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ann .- thanks for the links. I saw some, such as videos from Sarah Veblen. It is a very valuable material that I will keep in my files, really.

greetings, Paco

Marjie said...

I had no idea that there were so many videos out there. Here and our sons thought I was nuts when my dearly beloved encouraged me (not that much encouragement was needed) to watch "Sewing With Nancy" with my girls on PBS on Saturdays! What would they think now?

Tany said...

Thanks for the links, Ann! I already knew some of them but there are much more to find out!

Teddylyn said...

I'm way behind in reading blogs--but a big thank you for posting these links. Wow! I could be online for days...and actually learn something!

Thanks for sharing!

Lynda in LV

Anne-Marie said...


What a fantastic list. Those are great... at least for the ones I looked at. Thank you so much