Monday 17 November 2008

Great Coat Sew Along - Ann's Progress

* My Post taken from - The Great Coat Sew Along Blog *
Hi Marji,
Great idea to roll call :)
I have been working on Burda 7855 and I have made great progress with my coat.
I did blog some on my blog. I guess I've been pretty silent during my progress. I felt that I wasn't really taking great big steps while making the coat, so at the time didn't figure I should post here. I have the coat and lining done, but not sewn together yet!
From the start I had trouble finding just the right buttons, and just last week, did find what I hope to be the perfect ones. I'm still waiting for them to arrive from The Button Drawer. When they do arrive I will just have to make my bound button holes (a bit out of sequence but still ok) /sew the lining in/ buttons/ hems......take pictures....
Even though it's taken what seems way too long to make this coat,I've had allot of fun.
Congratulations to those who have finished their coats. They all look wonderful and are all very impressive!


Tany said...

You are almost there!! Keep up the good work!

Ann Made Studio said...

Thank you Tany :)