Sunday 5 October 2008

Images - Moments in Time

I've been trying to come up with a Label name - for pictures - that I post that are Non Sewing related.

I finally came up with one I like. My new Label for these pictures is,

Images -Moments in Time:

Ann Originally uploaded by Ann's Fashion Studio

  • We don't live near my family and so we don't see each other very often. This picture is for them - to see I went a "little" blonder - to hide the gray :) - and a bit shorter!

  • I am never alone when I sew. My Bradley is always with me in my sewing room. Sometimes he's sleeping, like this picture taken last night, but mostly he wants to be on my lap, or playing ball. (I can sew and play catch with him.) I've gotten really good at aiming the ball, and gently, tossing it through the sewing room door to the family room :) He's just a little guy so this gives him a good run!
    He can do this forever - he never seems to get tired of this fun game!
  • And now that it's getting a bit cooler, Hilda is taking up residence in my sewing table.

It's a very cozy spot for her.

Bradly and Hilda's pictures were taken last night. Salem wasn't in my sewing room with us, so not to leave him out I'll include a recent picture of him.


Meg said...

Aww, Hilda reminds me of my beloved Aggie.

The blonder hair looks good!

Ann Made Studio said...

Thank you Lindsay.

Lory said...

Cute haircut:) I love black cats, I have one myself. She's my little black panther. :):):):):)


Vicki said...

Nice hairdo! And I like the label "moments in time".

Ann Made Studio said...

Thanks Lori, Vicki.
Nice to hear from you Vicki. Hope all is well. I miss your posts :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, those are very cute pictures. Salem and Hilda find the funniest spots to sleep, while Bradley is usually found sleeping very close to wherever you are :)

fabricluver (Susan) said...

Ann - you look great! I really like your hair and all of your furry babies.


Diana said...

Ann,Why you say you're not photogenic escapes me . That is a great picture of you .Your Slem resembles our newly adopted (from our son ) cat VeJey.

Claire S. said...

Hi Ann,

I like your new haircut. And I have company in my sewing room as well. My chihuahua curls up on her pillow and naps. My Pom, on the other hand, is a bundle of energy, like your Bradley. His favorite toy is his ball. I'm getting better at throwing it for him while surfing, but I need a bit of improvement (his opinion would be I need more stamina !) He'll run as long as you throw - & it seems like he recharges his batteries in less than 30 secs. LOL

Sewingadicta said...

Hi Ann, thanks for your coment. I made the pattern with my measures.
I like you look!
When I sew, only radio to go with me.
Sorry, my English is very bad.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of your little feline (and canine) sewing companions! I have two little kitties who keep me company in my sewing room, and know first-hand the pleasure of sewing quietly with a little furry face or two close by.

I LOVE your blog! I derive so much inspiration from your projects!!

Ann Made Studio said...

Sounds like all who have pets share their sewing spaces with them! That is so nice!

Tany said...

The pictures are lovely Ann! Pets always played a big part of my life, but since I moved to my small apartment I had to leave my two cats (Hiper and Skip) at my sister's (I can't have them and take the risk of them jumping off a window to the street and get hit by a car - my apartment is at ground's level and there's no yard for them to play while I'm not at home). I think they are happier at my sister's (who has two more cats) but I miss them terribly...

Ann Made Studio said...

Tany,that's too bad. But it seems like the nicest thing you can do for them and at least they are with someone you know and trust, and you can still see them. I can understand how you would surely miss them.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ann .- your pets are adorable. Bradley is divine. And the cats will get along with the dog?. All photos are precious. Best wishes, Paco

Ann Made Studio said...

Hi Paco, oh yes the cats and dog get along. Bradley loves them. Salem (the black cat) and Bradley will sleep side by side and will "play" games, chasing each other around the house. Salem (who is the oldest) actually likes to torment the dog :)
Hilda is a little lady, she won't play,and she tolerates Bradley. They get along but when Bradley tries too much to play with her, she swats at him.
They all three have wonderful personalities and are great to have as pets.