Saturday 6 September 2008

* Looking for Argyle fabric *

I went to my local fabric store today - Fabricville - and what nice fabrics they have out for fall! Lots of lovely choices! I was looking specifically for argyle fabric - I want to make a cardigan/cami or just a top fron one of the Jalie patterns.They had some argyle fabric but unfortunately not what I wanted. Sheila from Sheilaz crochetz,threadz & knitz posted a really nice picture of some blue/lt. blue argyle she bought and that fabric is what I'm so looking for. If I can't find similar I may just go back and get what they did have :)

While I was at Fabricville I spoke to Diana -and she is now also a blogger- Sew Passionista by Diana - Congratulations Diana, your blog looks wonderful :)

Diana made a Sandra Betzina jacket - Vogue 1060. She has it up on display at the store....and she did a wonderful job, it looks great! It is a really nice style. The fabric she chose - a black quilted stretchy faux leather - works really well with this pattern! I liked it so much I too had to buy the pattern.


Anne-Marie said...

Bonjour Ann,

Just a short not to tell you that I offered you a price for the quality of your blog. Visit mine for all details. ;-) Anne

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ann .- thanks for the information. The blog shows Diana was wonderful and their clothes are perfect. I think we'll do this pattern Vogue. I love this style of clothing style "robe" for them in a soft wool. Best wishes, Paco

Diana said...

Ann, Thanks again for your E-mail this morning and also for the nice compliments about my blog.
After work last night, I went to Mark's Work Warehouse and saw lovely argyle sweaters, one is in blue. I was tempted. Argyle is such a classy look!
It was so nice to talk to you yesterday. Hope to see you again soon.
Happy Sewing!

Tany said...

Diana's jacket looks fabulous!

I haven't been able to sew much lately... I try to compensate with fabric buying, lol! The problem is my constant lack of storage space...

Ann Made Studio said...

Thank you very much Anne, I will go check your blog :)
Paco I'm glad you enjoyed Diana's blog and I think this jacket would look wonderful in a soft wool :)
Diana, I will check Mark's Work Warehouse. Maybe I won't have to make myself one!
Tany,I'm so with you on fabric buying too .. lol. I figure once I have time to actually sew, maybe then I'll stop feeling so quilty about buying so much fabric :) But it will get all used up - that I'm certain about :)Hope your week started off fine! and you find some time to sew!