Saturday 30 August 2008

I Love the sound track to "The Cider House Rules"

A little off a sewing topic - but I really liked this movie, I know it's an older one, but I can listen to Michael Caine's voice for hours :)
Soundtrack :
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Images - Moments in Time : Today I started my red and green chow chow with the tomatoes Bill grew. (I'm originally from Quebec City , the majority of my family still lives there, and I'm used to my Mom's recipe, which is very close to the one I've linked to!) We picked all the plants except the little cherry tomatoes. Tonight they soak and tomorrow I cook them up! I'm also making home made bread :) for Duncan!

Upside down Cherry Tomato Plant (Bill's Mom gave us a couple of these planters with all these great tomato plants. This is the first time we tried growing these upside down plants. They are great! I've linked to a site I found that explains this method quite nicely). We were very successful growing them and will do so again next year!


Vicki said...

Today it is the last day of winter here and I can feel spring in the air. So your post about tomatoes is making me look forward to summer and planting tomatoes and basil!! I have never heard of upside down plants but what a good idea. I will be trying this for sure. Thanks :)

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ann .- that marvel of tomato plants. I had never seen this system of planting "upside down" and what I have raised on a farm with vegetables ..... uhmmm. I am also glad you enjoy the film. here in Spain have the bad habit of doubling the Spanish language all movies and is very difficult to see the film in the original language. A I love French films and can only be seen in a specialized cinemas. Hugs from Barcelona .... ahhh .. and greetings to her husband. Paco

Cennetta said...

Your garden is lovely. Home own veggie are the best.

Ann Made Studio said...

Thank you for your comments. These planters were great! I've made up all my chows and bottled lots of tomatoes to make sauces over the winter.

Diana said...

Ann, This post reminded me of the tomato plants my husband Bob, brought home this spring. They were cherry tomatoeS which he loves. At harvest time we calculated that our yield of two tomaoes had cost us 13.99 per tomato. (ha!ha!)
Needless to say, we've decided that growing vegetables is just not our thing. However we have many beautiful flower beds on our property so our thumbs must be a little green???