Sunday 1 June 2008

Ann's Coat- The Great Coat Sew-Along

I kept reading everyone's post on the Coat Sew Along site and was getting very nervous that I still had not found my fabric. Everyone has such nice fabrics for their coats. So today I was going to find something.....and I did.
I was being very stubborn and wanted to buy my fabric here instead of ordering on line. Only because I wanted to feel the fabric before I bought it. So the choice was limited because where I live the winter fabrics are not out, all but one little table of about 10- light to medium weight wools -that was it.
Not exactly the wools I was looking for. So I just changed my plan from a heavy winter coat to a lighter fall- to mild winter coat. It was very hard to photogragh this fabric.
This fabric is somewhat medium weight. The clour is a dark charcoal with specs of different colours running thru it. The red is a bright red, not pink as it appears in the picture. I was actually going to be bold,(for me) and get the matching red Kasha lining, but at the last minute went for the grey tone, which matches perfectly with the grey in the fabric.
This colour is more accurate. I love the colours, the feel and the weight of this fabric. It will make a very comfortable coat.
I am still very undecided on the pattern. It will be either Butterick 5145 (View B), McCall's 5247 (ViewC) or Neue Mode 23215 (view B). I bought enough fabric for whichever one. I'm leaning towards B5145? I would change the pockets to welt pockets with a flap.
I'm also still looking thru the few BWOF magazines I have just in case something catches my attention. All in all a great day!
**Decided on Butterick 5145.


Anonymous said...

The fabric you found is a beautiful bouclé for your fall coat.

Ann Made Studio said...

Hi Els,when I first saw this fabric on the wool table I thought it was on the wrong table. It definitely appears to be in the boucle family but it's heavier and more of a wooly feel if that makes sense :)
So nice to have your expertise in the Coat sew-along :)
By the way, I use my ham holder all the time and love it:) Now I need to find (or make) a bigger ham.

Alexandra said...

What a gorgeous fabric! I bet your coat will get lots of compliments. I like the Neue Mode pattern best - very classic lines.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ann .- you made a good choice. I love this and boucle fabrics in particular has some wonderful colors. I agree with the pattern b. I think it is appropriate for this material, is serious and yet has a modern style, in order, collects good conditions. He thought the buttons that you will? . much success for this project. greetings. Paco

Ann Made Studio said...

Thank you Alexandra and Paco.
Paco I was wondering which one you think is better, the pattern b for Neue Mode or the Butterick view B?
I appreciate your thoughts :)

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

jjjjjj. this issue of the translation .... well, I laugh in my own words ........ my favorite is the Butterick pattern (5145-B). Thank you for your understanding Ann. A hug, Paco

Cennetta said...

Ann, I faced with the same issue. Only I haven't selected a fabric yet and can't decide which pattern to use. Today I'm going to Vogue Fabrics in hopes of finding the fabric for my coat. Good luck.

Ann Made Studio said...

Thank you again Paco :) I like them all but I am also thinking Butterick 5145 would be a good choice.

Good Luck Cennetta :) You should have lots of choices at Vogue Fabrics.

Tany said...

Ann, what a great find of fabric for a winter coat! Like you I prefer "feeling" the fabric before buying it. I never bought fabric online (but I'm not saying I won't in the future, lol!)