Friday 11 April 2008

Matching Up Lines!

I just thought I'd post a short update on my Jacket. (V8043) I am moving foward - ever so slowly - but still moving foward. I took great care cutting out the pieces so they would match when sewn together and it was well worth the time and effort as all the lines are matching up nicely, all except the armsyce princess seam ones :{ Thank you AnnR for confirming that some things will just have to be :) and this is one of them. Due to the curve it's just not going to happen. The pockets are basted on and ready for sewing. I'm making the "faux" welt pockets. The fabric is somewhat bulky and I didn't want to add any more bulk. (I still have to add the upper pocket - well the welt.) I'm really hoping to have this jacket done by the week-end so I can start on summer garments. I recieved my fabric from Julie today and I love the white/blue print. It's a Cotton poplin with some stretch (3%lycra). The White Stretch Denim Shantung has 5% stretch. They will make comfy top and pants.

Pictures uploaded from Timmel Fabrics .

I also received a railroad striped cotton, but I'll have to take a picture and post. It's also a very nice cotton.


BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Ann .- greetings and happy week. I look forward to seeing your jacket completed , it looks great. Thanks for the photo. Paco

Ann Made Studio said...

Paco thank you and have a wonderful week-end youself :)

Dawn said...

Your matching is amazing!! I'm not sure I'll ever have that much patience.

kbenco said...

Ann this will be a fabulous jacket. Your matching is so accurate! I always seem to have an end of season project underway as the weather changes as well, it does make it hard to stay motivated. Karen

Cennetta said...

Great process on your jacket. I'm also trying to finish up fall/winter clothing so I can start sewing for the spring season. Look forward to your next post.

Happy Sewing,