Monday 4 February 2008

Vogue Jacket # 8043

I've been fitting my muslin for Vogue Jacket # 8043 - View B . I had to take it in at the front/back princess seams, side seams and took up the sleeve shoulder seam. I am very happy with the final results- however I see that I should have just made a size smaller and it would have probably been close to a perfect fit . I'll do a final measuring/comparing with the smaller size and then be ready to start my jacket :) (I'll post pictures next entry)

My Fitness * Jogging Chart *

I run pretty much every day so I thought keeping track of the distance I actually run might be fun to do. (Starting date today) I am now running inside, because it has been rather cold out lately, but when the nice weather returns I'll be running outside - even though the inside track is top of the line - it's so much nicer running outdoors. I've put 100 km on the "ticker" but will change it as I go beyond that distance..... (This little "ticker will be displayed at the bottom of my blog page)


Vicki said...

I am not much of a runner, but have been doing about half an hour in the mornings a few days a week. The other days I am at the gym! I haven't heard of an inside track? Do you just go around in circles?

Ann Made Studio said...

Hi Vicki, Out of all the exercising I do I must say I prefer to run :) Some think I'm "crazy" :) but I do alternate also and do weight training. The inside track building is called the "Fieldhouse". It has a 200m track - there are different designs of indoor tracks - ours is oval- also has 3 courts in the center for various other activities such as Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Ball Hockey,(a huge curtain is drawn to divide all courts, when these areas are in use)There is also a climbing wall...and so much more....Here is a site to get a better visual idea, hopefully it will open for you.
I love what you are doing with your fitting, will post a comment :)

Cennetta said...

Can't wait to see your jacket. I really need to do better with exercising. I spend about half an hour twice a week doing toning and cardio exercises at home.

Ann Made Studio said...

Cennetta, I figure as long as a person keeps "moving" it's a good thing:) it's when we stop and do "nothing" that problems start. Twice a week is good,it's sometimes hard to try and fit everything -in a day- so it's nice that you are taking time for youself to exercise :)