Thursday 31 January 2008

Lost - Is Back - Yay!

We are "Lost" fans in this house and we are sooooooooo happy it's back - a 2 hour Premiere tonight :)


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I was glued to my TV set Thursday night too! I am so glad that they changed its night so that its not up against American Idol!

The Oceanic 6 - who are the other 3?!!! We know Kate, Hurley and the doc made it back but who else?!

Ann Made Studio said...

Carolyn, How very nice to see you are a "Lost" fan. We were glued to the TV too :)
I'm not sure who the other three are??? that made it home?? Hurley supposedly ? went with the other group, so why did he end up back home???? Some fans here didn't like that the show went back and forth in time, but I love the show and know it will all make sense as it goes on.