Friday 16 November 2007

Burda WOF 114 A Curvy neckline

Here is a picture of that neckline on me. It is not an OVERLY large curvy... but enough to notice and not be just right. The left side (hand up to it) is the one that pulls away from the neck. All this fuss.....It is after all just a T-Shirt :)

Found the Threads - Video Tip / Sarah Veblen, "A Neckline Binding for Knits" and "A turtleneck Finish for Knits" I will try that method next time.

Note** I am not very good at these self portraits, this was take 30 ......or so..... but the best one of the bunch with some cropping :) :}


Linda said...

Hi Ann - Great shot. All in all the top is wearable. I wonder what will happen to the curviness once the item is washed. But you figured out the problem, the band was the same length as the neck opening. Next time try it a little smaller. How small is subjective. I have heard all sorts of ideas from .50" smaller to walking it around the neck while stretching the band slightly. I do the latter. But even .50" - 1" smaller will take away that teeny bit of curve you are experiencing.

You're right. It is just a tee, but it is your creation too. Why not make it work..right?

Ann Made Studio said...

Linda you are so right...I'm the type that will just keep making it till it's a perfect fit :)