Thursday 15 November 2007

Burda WOF 10/06 Top #114

First - "Burda"- top done. The fit is good but the neckline went "curvy". I will make it again to see if it was something I did? I staystitched the neckline and I was very careful not to stretch it as I sewed. I'll see what happens when I make it again. Made muslin from "inexpensive" Stretch Knit.


Kitty Couture said...

That's a cute top! I find that necklines are the trickiest with knit garments. I'm having the same problem with a pyjama top and will end up finishing it with binding.

Linda said...

Hi Ann - How did you finish the neck edge. Did you use a pattern piece that was included with the pattern. I don't see waviness as much as the neckline stands out from the top. I would walk the pattern piece around the neck. If it is the same size as the neck, then that is the answer. A neck band will not wave or stand out if the piece is shorter than the distance around the neck. There is a wonderful video on the Threads magazine website showing a technique for a neck binding edge. I have never used the pattern piece that is included in a pattern for the neckband. Each knit fabric has its own stretch factor that I use the method shown in the video instead.

If you did all this and it still waved, then my best guess is the knit fabric itself. It just might be too stretchy to be used for a neck finish like this. These are all just guesses based on your photo. I hope this helps.

Ann Made Studio said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you for taking the time to respond. The neckline is just slightly curvy on one side?. There is no pattern piece, Burda WOF 10/06, gave instructions to cut a band .6 m long by 5/8". This .6 m seemed to be too long? so I walked the neck edge and it was only 20 ". I believe I cut my band 20" which includes the 5/8" seam.
Probably not short enough! :(
by the way it turned out. I also sewed the band on using Sandra Betzina's Vogue 8151 method, which I've done on the other Top on my site and it was fine. I will check the video on the Threads site. I'm pretty sure it had to be my doing! so I will re-make it and see, with a shorter band :)
Thanks for your input.
I posted another picture with me wearing it.