Saturday 6 October 2007

Vogue - 7947 Jacket

Someone posted this Vogue Pattern on Artisan's Square for their SWAP.....which reminded me I too have this I thought I would make up the Jacket . (Fabricville Knit) (Corded Chocolate Faux Suede-Picture from Timmel Fabrics site)
with this brown fabric -Corded Faux Suede Chocolate - I ordered from Timmel Fabrics. I thought it might match the Rubina Rayon Knit Fabric I bought, also from Timmel Fabrics, for a top, or this Knit Print from Fabricville. I'll see when the Brown fabric comes in which one will work best. Looking at it here the Fabricville Knit seems it would work best with the brown....but..... Timmel Fabrics also has a Camel colour Faux Suede :} Might work with the Rubina Rayon .......for another jacket....... :}
. (Rubina Rayon Knit-Timmels Fabric) (Corded Faux Suede Camel-Picture from Timmel Fabrics site)
Update: I received the Chocolate Faux Suede today and it is very -very nice, I love it.
It does have that corded look, like corduroy,without the raised wales, and will not be as heavy as corduroy. It will work great for the Jacket above, and it will work nicely with the print knit from Fabricville. Serena thought I bought the fabric for her......silly girl.... :}

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