Friday 2 October 2015

Power Sewing Membership Renewal and Jalie Sewing.

I know it appears as if I have given up on blogging but
I haven't and now I'm back. ...once again.
My mojo for blogging has returned. 
Today my husband  gave me an unexpected gift: a subscription renewal to
Power Sewing!! Yay!! Thank You so very much.
I so  missed watching Sandra and Ron.

I have been putting together some patterns for a fall wardrobe, using mainly
 Jalie patterns.
More to follow on this.

Happy to be back!


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Nice gift! I just got a Jolie running pants pattern - can't wait to try it out. Look forward to seeing what you're got up your sleeve...

Faye Lewis said...

Will be looking forward to seeing you here Ann. You sew so very well!

Vicki said...

Welcome back!

Jane M said...

Hooray, so glad to know you're returning and wiling to share more of your lovely creations.

Diana said...

I agree that is a great gift. Bob usually gives me that for my birthday!Looking forward to seeing you today.

Anne-Marie said...

Your blog is back !!! Lovely look the top picture is so nice !!