Wednesday 3 December 2014

Jalie ~ Onesie

Jalie 3244 ~ Footed Pajamas ~ or as we like to call them Onesies!!

These are for my husband.
I made the version with the cuffs at the leg, not the "footed" version.
I had to add some length to the body.
Jalie's instructions are excellent for this adjustment. 
They fit him perfectly.

The fabric is a very soft fleece and very warm.
Quite often my husband will come with me when I have to do that "quick" stop
into my local  Fabricville.
On one of these stops, he saw this fabric and thought it would be perfect
for this pattern, which he also picked.
He is  truly "a keeper"!!

Of course I  want a pair too.

Happy Sewing!!


Aminat said...

Love the fabric choice,nice onesie

Nursebennett said...

How awesome that he chose pattern and fabric and you made a longed for garment just for him. Marriage made in Heaven! The Jammies look perfect for winter lounging!

Anna Christina said...

I want a pair too! That combination is incredible. Aren't you the lucky one to have a husband who will go with you and give suggestions.

Sewingadicta said...

OMG!! I hope your husband thank you with many cuddles and kisses ... it's great !! So warm and comfortable as a hug !!

Diana said...

Having met Ann's husband, I agree that he's a keeper and so are these Jammies! Hope to see you so on Ann. Right now am in Ottawa for my baby's 40th Birthday celebration.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Second time in a week that I've seen Jalie pattern mentioned, and surprisingly, I had never heard of them before. Must check out their line.

Fantastic jammies, and lovin' the Hudson's Bay stripes! What a perfect way to get cozy!